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You should notify people before you charge their account.

It would be nice if you notified people that their subscription will soon re-new.

It might save someone (like me) some inconvenience.

Posted Thu Sep 3 2015 8:25p by brent***

Clicky have always sent an automated reminder 7 days before subscription renewal.

You should look in your Spam folder for a message from with a subject "Clicky renewal in 7 days".

Ivan Arnaudov

Posted Fri Sep 4 2015 10:15a by drkskwl***

Not that I can find. I have always gotten clicky emails, just like the one that notified me of your reply today.

Posted Fri Sep 4 2015 12:18p by brent***

@brents1, sorry if you didn't get it but yes we do send out an email to all customers 7 days before annual renewals. For monthly renewals, we don't send out reminders since it's assumed not to be unexpected. We BCC ourselves on a random 10% sample of every email we send out and I did just verify that the renewal emails were still being sent out as of yesterday so one should have definitely been sent to you.

If you'd like a refund, please send in an email.

Posted Fri Sep 4 2015 8:19p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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