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Option to strip trailing slashes for page URLs


We have had a little bit of an issue with Clicky seeing these links as separate:

Would it be possible to set a checkbox in the preferences panel to strip the trailing slashes?


Posted Thu Sep 9 2010 9:05a by Fabco***

Nothing on this? Come on Clicky... It's an easy one! BUMP!!

Posted Mon Sep 26 2011 7:06p by JeffHe***

Are these local pages on your site, or referrers? And is it only for the "root" index page?

Posted Tue Sep 27 2011 10:28a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I'm having this issue too. It seems to be some referrers who are omitting the trailing slash. However, if a visitor navigates back during their visit, the slashless page logs another hit.

My issue is not for a top page, but for a lower level page: and

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Posted Wed Oct 5 2011 2:34p by cpilk***

By the way, stripping the trailing slash seems to be a client-based thing. I'm looking through some reports from a MailChimp campaign I run.

In that report, I also get counts of and My email had a trailing slash.

Also interesting: When looking through the visitor logs, I am not seeing all of the clicks that Mail Chimp reports in Clicky, but that's for another post...

Posted Mon Oct 17 2011 11:41a by cpilk***

5 year old issue?!

My dashboard has plenty of entries for essentially the same page. (The person who created the link on the referring site messed up)

Could you please strip trailing slashes so that this is all logged as one page?

Posted Wed Apr 13 2016 11:17p by RurouniJo***

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