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Clicky JS code is not resilient enough for Adblock Plus

Dear Clicky developers,

Lately, we received an email from a user saying that he can't open our subscription window. Turns out the problem was that he uses Adblock Plus in the strictest mode (all the 3 checkboxes checked in the First Run screen of Adblock Plus) and the external Clicky JS script was prevented to be loaded by Adblock Plus, yielding a JS error when the clicky variable was referenced, aborting execution which caused our popup not to appear.

We use a lot of other similar services on our site, namely Charbeat, Hotjar, Mixpanel and Google Analytics and even though all of them were blocked by Adblock Plus, none of them caused any such errors.

I haven't looked into the implementation of the above services but I guess that in their script tag they handle this situation gracefully (defining empty functions and such) and I believe you should do the same.

Best Regards,

Posted Tue Feb 3 2015 4:52a by mondala***

Posted Tue Feb 3 2015 4:07p by arm131***

Change the way you call it. Instead of just:


Do this:

  if( window.clicky ) clicky.log('something');

Posted Tue Feb 3 2015 10:08p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Already done but ideally I shouldn't have done this. Clicky should be resilient in this respect like the other services that I mentioned.

Posted Wed Feb 4 2015 1:45a by mondala***

If this is a better approach, shouldn't it be made the default by clicky? A user should not have to try and tweak the code. Or are there some downsides to this method?

Posted Wed Feb 4 2015 8:14a by markfi***

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