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Need data, not graphs, and importantly Pageviews

The move more and more by Clicky towards nice graphs and making actions important is nice for probably many users, but for me it's not.

As a web site operator, I use Google Adsense a lot, and therefore for me it's important to know how many pageviews there were.

With your latest update, I no longer see in my dashboard my current pageviews and the last 7 days. It's only available in graph form, totally useless to me.

Already the fact that my Chrome extension from Clicky doesn't show pageview (visitors and action) pisses me off, but now you've removed an important part of my data. I don't want to dig deep to find it.

Please bring it back

Posted Wed Oct 15 2014 2:22a by Motorbi***

I know this is an old post, but I feel the same way. If you make your living with ads, Pageviews is one of the most important stats you'll work with. Click's "Actions" counts so many ads as separate items that it's very inflated compared to Pageviews. I really need the option to have Pageviews at my fingertips.

Posted Wed Feb 17 2016 7:04a by merono***

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