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Is there any chance that Clicky could implement something like Google Analytics' annotations ( I still hang on to GA for this feature.

Posted Sun Mar 21 2010 6:39p by bigcarl***

Yeah it's a great feature. Our graphing software doesn't support anything like that though (it's third party). But we're looking to replace it in the near future. We'll keep this feature in mind when looking for a replacement.

Posted Sun Mar 21 2010 7:04p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Sounds great. It doesn't even need to be anything too fancy, if you could just see the annotations in a list for the selected period, that would probably be sufficient. Then maybe phase 2 could be some kind of integration with the graph. Anyway, just a thought - thanks!

Posted Sun Mar 21 2010 7:28p by bigcarl***

Agreed, this would be a fantastic addition to Clicky!

Posted Wed Mar 24 2010 4:25p by gizma***

TO reiterate the importance of annotations, and show how simple (non graph embedded) annotations could be utilized:
I love the new Visitor Engagement reports. Histograms are the graphs of the future :) That said, everytime I goto it now I have to remember that it started on X date. I am not so sure my partners on the other hand will even go this far in their thought process.

A simple statement of "this report started collecting data on MM/DD/YYYY" would be ideal, especially if selecting date ranges that are effected by the change.

That said, if you can start with annotations that YOU control, then ease in a feature where we can add comments and such (analytics wiki) that would be awesome. I am here in Portland and would love to chat more about this.

Posted Thu May 13 2010 10:04a by ouranalyt***

Any update here? This would be a great feature!

Posted Sun Feb 9 2014 11:06a by dpmai***

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