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IP tags and filters, multiple IPs

I understand that wildcards are not supported when setting up exclusions for traffic being logged to the statistics.

Is there any way to enter multiple values, for example using "," comma delimeters. In this way I could create the IP strings manually and load them all in one instance.


Posted Mon Sep 22 2008 8:33a by blobm***

No, but we plan to add wild card support in the future.

Posted Mon Sep 22 2008 4:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

How long will it be before this is implemented. Can we use regular expressions to accomplish the same thing?

Posted Thu Apr 23 2009 7:05a by tocquig***

Any update on this? The ability to filter by multiple values would save me many hours each month

Posted Fri Feb 7 2014 1:19p by Rob_Ba***

Very interested in this feature as well

Posted Sat Feb 8 2014 11:58a by GeekandJ***

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