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Goals - Add More URLs to a funnel

Was windering whether I could add more URLs to a goal funnel. Currently there is option for adding a Goal URL and only a funnel URL ? Hope I am not missing anything here

Posted Mon Nov 8 2010 4:32a by ojilca***

Each goal can only have one funnel at the moment. Don't worry, we have a lot of plans to dramatically enhance goals in the future. Multiple funnels and other more powerful options will be coming.

Posted Wed Nov 10 2010 3:33p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

How close are you to adding this? It's pretty important to see where users are dropping off in a funnel.

Posted Tue Nov 16 2010 3:08p by primaryw***

So I guess by "future" you didn't mean "near future." :-)

Any update on timeframe for this?

Posted Wed Dec 14 2011 1:56p by fitza***

So it s not possible to setup a funnel for steps on an ecommerce page?

Posted Thu Jan 26 2012 5:30p by Thurston***

To me, funnels with multiple steps is a basic feature. I don't see how I can track users and figure out where my conversion problems are -- the very reason I'm doing analytics in the first place -- without this. Too bad! Clicky was looking really cool with its manual tracking API and all, but without such a basic feature, I'll have to find something else.

Posted Sat Mar 24 2012 12:50a by 6sca***

Any update here? A funnel would show multiple stages, and how many people drop off at each stage...

Posted Tue Apr 3 2012 2:05p by contestmachin***

also requesting an update

Posted Wed Jul 18 2012 12:19p by mrosupp***

Poking this discussion thread again. Could be useful even if the funnel could only be handled programatically. (IE, you had to use the API and add in 'id':1 'step':2 ... or something.

Posted Thu Sep 5 2013 1:58p by musketeer***

Poking this discussion thread again, again. It has been 3 years since the original request, I agree it is still a basic feature.

Posted Tue Dec 3 2013 5:21a by ***

I would very much like to know as these other fine folk when we might expect multi-page funnel functionality.

Posted Wed Feb 26 2014 7:22p by fastspr***

Bump. This should be included.

Posted Thu Apr 10 2014 6:18a by hhuttun***

Ditto, would love to see a multiple URL funnel with required steps. Thanks!

Posted Fri Jun 6 2014 8:06p by i22***

Any word on this? Would drastically help to track sales origination.

Posted Mon Jun 9 2014 6:26p by superc***

Crazy to me that nobody from Clicky has posted an update in 3 years. Does anyone actually work there?

Posted Sat Nov 1 2014 7:40p by rebootedb***

Any updates on this? I'm interested.

Posted Tue Mar 1 2016 5:14a by bongaardsde***

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