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Goals - Add More URLs to a funnel

Was windering whether I could add more URLs to a goal funnel. Currently there is option for adding a Goal URL and only a funnel URL ? Hope I am not missing anything here

Posted Mon Nov 8 2010 4:32am by ojilcasi

Each goal can only have one funnel at the moment. Don't worry, we have a lot of plans to dramatically enhance goals in the future. Multiple funnels and other more powerful options will be coming.

Posted Wed Nov 10 2010 3:33pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

How close are you to adding this? It's pretty important to see where users are dropping off in a funnel.

Posted Tue Nov 16 2010 3:08pm by primarywave

So I guess by "future" you didn't mean "near future." :-) Any update on timeframe for this?

Posted Wed Dec 14 2011 1:56pm by fitzage

So it s not possible to setup a funnel for steps on an ecommerce page?

Posted Thu Jan 26 2012 5:30pm by Thurston217-DELETED

To me, funnels with multiple steps is a basic feature. I don't see how I can track users and figure out where my conversion problems are -- the very reason I'm doing analytics in the first place -- without this. Too bad! Clicky was looking really cool with its manual tracking API and all, but without such a basic feature, I'll have to find something else.

Posted Sat Mar 24 2012 12:50am by 6scan

Any update here? A funnel would show multiple stages, and how many people drop off at each stage...

Posted Tue Apr 3 2012 2:05pm by contestmachinemail

also requesting an update

Posted Wed Jul 18 2012 12:19pm by mrosupply

Poking this discussion thread again. Could be useful even if the funnel could only be handled programatically. (IE, you had to use the API and add in 'id':1 'step':2 ... or something.

Posted Thu Sep 5 2013 1:58pm by musketeersmex

Poking this discussion thread again, again. It has been 3 years since the original request, I agree it is still a basic feature.

Posted Tue Dec 3 2013 5:21am by

I would very much like to know as these other fine folk when we might expect multi-page funnel functionality.

Posted Wed Feb 26 2014 7:22pm by fastspring

Bump. This should be included.

Posted Thu Apr 10 2014 6:18am by hhuttunen

Ditto, would love to see a multiple URL funnel with required steps. Thanks!

Posted Fri Jun 6 2014 8:06pm by i22y-DELETED

Any word on this? Would drastically help to track sales origination.

Posted Mon Jun 9 2014 6:26pm by superch6

Crazy to me that nobody from Clicky has posted an update in 3 years. Does anyone actually work there?

Posted Sat Nov 1 2014 7:40pm by rebootedbody

Any updates on this? I'm interested.

Posted Tue Mar 1 2016 5:14am by bongaardsdesign

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