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Page Not Found Alert & Log

Hi, I note from the content log that there are some dead links on my site. Clicky knows about them. I'd like to know about them, so I can fix them. How do I set up alerts for this? How can I get a log of these? Thanks, Martin.

Posted Sat Dec 7 2013 2:48am by blendive

Not sure what you mean. Can you email me at Thanks Gregg

Posted Sun Dec 8 2013 10:07am by ptowngallerywalk

Hi Gregg, I could email you, but I'd prefer to keep the conversation here :) Clicky tells me that it sees some users visited a page resulting in a 404 Page Not Found error. I want Clicky to alert me when that happens, and I want a place in Clicky where I can see a list of everywhere it did. Thanks, Martin.

Posted Sun Dec 8 2013 10:30am by blendive

I would also need that option. We have maintanance page (/maintanance url) and I would like to keep our DEV team every time user sees it. Unfortunatelly right now the only way to do it is through goals (connected with alerts), but this is not a goal - it messes up our amount of purchases data when setup that way. In other words, either alerts should be connected with visiting certain url (without involving goals), or there should be goals which are not showed on main dashboard (negative goals). Best, Kuba

Posted Fri Jan 10 2014 3:20am by betegy

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