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Average Actions by Daytime

Hi, I can't find any tool that gives me the actions in a graph by daytime. Is there such a tool? I would like to know at what daytime engagement is the biggest and at what time of the day people close my page faster etc. (Bounce rate by daytime maybe). Any help would be much appreciated. Greetings, Jakob

Posted Thu Sep 4 2014 12:21am by testera11111

PS: The graphs I get by clicking on the procentual numbers next to stats seem only to be available for days, but not for hours.

Posted Thu Sep 4 2014 12:27am by testera11111

Click your website that you want to see this statistic. Under "The Basics" click "Actions" a graph will appear with hour actions for today vs yesterday as default, change graph to be "Today vs Weekday average" or whatever average you want to see.

Posted Thu Sep 4 2014 5:06am by ringo64

okay know I feel dumb... thanks a lot!

Posted Sat Sep 6 2014 1:05pm by testera11111

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