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Page load time

It would be nice to know how long it takes a page to load or the bandwidth of a visitor.

Posted Thu Dec 31 2009 12:36p by yachtbr***

I would like to know and be able to report on page load time as well. This could help us monitor improvements we make to code, plugins, etc and compare to prior data.

This was only key feature we liked about which I cannot seem to find how to do on Clicky.

Posted Sat Apr 17 2010 10:12a by carlvas***

We've had other requests for this. It is something we will probably add.

Posted Sat Apr 17 2010 11:39a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

It's a great feature, since Google said Page Load speed is a factor for SERP

Posted Thu Jul 1 2010 6:10a by dropshipp***

This would be a nice addition, thanks.

Posted Tue Sep 28 2010 8:22a by udfalks***


Posted Wed Nov 3 2010 10:42a by superpoku***


Posted Wed Nov 3 2010 11:34a by udfalks***


Posted Wed Nov 10 2010 2:37a by adamjon***

ok ok i get it :)

Posted Wed Nov 10 2010 3:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin


Posted Tue May 10 2011 7:44a by forexinvest***


Posted Fri Sep 30 2011 12:50p by twobitopera***


Posted Sun Oct 2 2011 6:53p by udfalks***

+10 getting tired of having to go to pagespeed for this, and that only analyzes my internet/setup/cached files. would love to see this stat throughout

Posted Mon Nov 28 2011 8:16p by justindoc***

+20... How is this not being actioned after 2 years!!!??

Posted Sat Jan 21 2012 4:45p by smoothmob***

The problem is that in order to store this data most efficiently, we need to transform one of the biggest tables in our database (the one that stores actions) so it has an extra column for storing page load time. Storing it any other way will take approximately 10x as much storage space because of indexing and other extra columns that would be needed if it were stored in a new table. But, transforming a huge table is a slow process, we have a way to do it "live" without taking down the database, however that still takes a while (3-4 hours minimum) and traffic processing must be halted in the meantime. Then multiply that by almost 50 database servers and it becomes a serious task.

So, we don't like to do this very often. Once or twice a year at the most. We already have this feature planned out and know exactly how it will work on the clientside and how we'll store/process that on our side, it's just a matter of setting aside the fear and stress from such a large task and doing it.

Posted Sun Jan 22 2012 1:15a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin


I'd really love to see this feature - it would be extremely useful. Any updates with a more specific timeline as to when it might be available?


Posted Thu Mar 20 2014 12:55p by elizabethro***

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