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Big Screen No Password Required

Can you allow us to load Big Screen without needing a password? For example by adding the site admin key to the URL or similar? This can allow for the display of the big screen on TV's with built in browsers that dont handle logins or cookies very well.

Posted Thu Dec 20 2012 7:45am by servertastic

i agree

Posted Fri Dec 21 2012 4:20am by gorgeouscouture

I'm so pleased you still have this option, its a great way to convince a client to pay for their own account lol

Posted Mon Feb 17 2014 11:25am by Lynny

whoops I replied on the wrong thread... doh

Posted Mon Feb 17 2014 11:26am by Lynny

You could do this, if you tack on the sitekey to the end of the URL and bookmark. Example:

Posted Mon Feb 17 2014 12:42pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

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