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Getting quite a bit of hits logged from this site, specifically:

Googling a bit suggests it is spam bots, so exclusion seems a good idea?

Posted Fri Jan 20 2017 1:54a by ChinaEnergyP***

You can filter out unwanted referrers by going to:

Preferences > Visitor tags & filters

It will probably already showing up in the list below “Top 100 referring domains”. If not, adjust the dates to like 14 days (top right). Select the offending domain.. In this case and submit. Done!

It will probably filtered automatically in the future if a lot of people submit this. But for now this is the way to get rid of it.

Posted Fri Jan 20 2017 5:06a by rhoekm***

Note: The filter does not immediately have effect on already logged entries (new ones are not logged though) but will be removed after a couple of hours. At least that is my experience.

Posted Fri Jan 20 2017 5:11a by rhoekm***

Alright, thanks.

Posted Fri Jan 20 2017 6:55a by ChinaEnergyP***

I just saw this link today and believe it's spam traffic. Thanks for the tip!

Posted Mon Feb 27 2017 7:21p by cher7***

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