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Traffic by Folder - like /blog/

Most websites have their pages logically grouped into folders. Clicky does a great job of analyzing by page, however, the performance of all pages of a folder is very important. Folders contain pages that represent the product lines that we are selling, the projects that we have completed. For many business the performance of a folder is just as important if not more important than the performance of a page. I would like to see clicky allow me to get totals by folder. Such as the total of all pages in /blog/ or /running-shoes/ or /jewelry/. This type of data is needed for broad business decisions. It can be obtained from clicky by searching, downloading, and then working in excel, but it would be nice to have this information directly from clicky. Thanks

Posted Tue Jun 30 2015 6:32am by rocktumbler


Posted Sat Jul 4 2015 6:34am by Completeshopper

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