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Hi, It would be great when we mouse over a person country (in the spy mode where it only displays a flag) To be able to see the name of the country. Thank You

Posted Tue Jul 22 2008 5:38pm by GoldWatches

I'm sure this used to be something Clicky did - but until recently I've really missed it and had to view the image url to get an idea of the country.

Posted Wed Jul 23 2008 4:19pm by 1jump2

Actually the geolocation was just added to Spy a week or two ago, and it never had this. I agree it should, since everywhere else you see a flag has it. I added this in, although for complex technical reasons, it doens't show US states, and the country name is just the 2-letter country code instead of the full name. It's hard to fix this without generating a lot of extra load on the Spy feature...

Posted Wed Jul 23 2008 10:32pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

The two-digit code isn't really all that helpful, unless you've got the codes to hand. Can't we have full-length country names in there?

Posted Mon Dec 1 2008 2pm by Octane

Agree on this; wish there was a pop up for country name

Posted Thu May 1 2014 7:39am by charlie12

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