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Please consider removing / repositioning these - your advertising / promotions

Please consider removing these to the BOTTOM of the login page: Help Apps & Plugins White label Translate Marketshare Advertise Terms Blog Twitter Canonnews Logout As a paying customer I DONT want to be reminded every time I look at my own stats of Clicky's prominent other promotions / advertisements. Thank You VC

Posted Sun Jun 7 2015 9:28am by Canonnews

Or at least change the colour to a neutral colour that is less obtrusive - (also with less attention on YOUR promotions / advertising)

Posted Sun Jun 7 2015 9:34am by Canonnews

oh ffs shut up if your promotion's not going well, don't take it out on your analytics tool, you lameass whiners i pray for the day all the high strung makreting people give up and working in IT doesn't suck so much anymore

Posted Sun Jun 7 2015 12:56pm by deliajones-DELETED

Wow. The shit people complain about! I'm sitting here reading this thinking, what ads?!? It's not an ad. It's the small menu bar at the top. Marketshare is really handy. Seriously, consider getting some real problems or focusing on what ACTUALLY needs your attention in life. If a small menu bar on the top of a website on your computer monitor is really annoying you, i recommend psychotherapy. Yes, i'm serious :)

Posted Sun Jun 7 2015 10:58pm by anteck

Yeah, these aren't ads.

Posted Mon Jun 8 2015 3:49pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

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