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Create Alert During Traffic Surge

There should be a way to create an alert when there is a big traffic surge. This can be done by either comparing to yesterday's stats of the same hour or last week's stats of the same hour. If the amount is 2x as much, then send an alert email.

Would this feature be possible?

Posted Sun May 24 2009 9:18p by xpos***

I agree with this. I think an arbitrary 2x surge by comparison doesn't work well though. Would be good if site admin could set a traffic ceiling. When the ceiling is reached it shoots off an email.

Posted Tue May 26 2009 2:09p by jpete***

Agree, it's a good idea. We plan to beef up alerts in the future.

Posted Tue May 26 2009 2:27p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

This is a 4 years old request. Has this been implemented? If yes, could someone point me me to the explanation how to set this up?

Posted Thu Apr 4 2013 11:20a by szabg***

Also wondering about this... now 5 year old request. :)

I'd like to setup an alert when we get lots of new traffic from a single link... like a reddit post... so I can go and comment or interact with the community that's just discovered our website.

How do you setup an alert for traffic surges (either site wide or just from a random link)?

Posted Mon Sep 29 2014 12:11p by dandix***

I agree that this is badly needed. For those who want to have this is the way to go. It allows to set an exact threshold and emails you in the moment that threshold is reached. It has a very nice user interface but it's much less capable than Clicky in most respect.

Posted Wed Sep 23 2015 6p by mondala***

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