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Improve dashboard for iPhone / mobile users

The dashboard is cut off when viewing on the iPhone.

Right hand side is unbelievable - can't see the end of the graph. Don't want to use mobile view as it doesn't have the same benefits / graphs / total overview of all sites.

Please fix this. You've got heaps of mobile users now and why the dashboard still doesn't display correctly boggles the mind.


Posted Tue Jul 19 2016 12:40p by antec***

Unbelieveable = unviewable.

Posted Tue Jul 19 2016 12:41p by antec*** for mobile version

Posted Tue Jul 19 2016 1:08p by ringo***

Did you read the post ringo?

Posted Tue Jul 19 2016 3:12p by antec***

I've managed a work around to this : disabled totals and now I ca on see the right hand side of the end of all graphs...

Posted Thu Jul 21 2016 1:09a by antec***

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