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Spy IP Feature Request

Currently, when clicking on "Spy" and then on an IP address, while also having date range with longer than 30 days will show this error: "This report (with filters applied) has a maximum range of 31 days. The date has been adjusted to 2014-01-13,2014-02-14. You can still view data prior to 31 days ago, you just can't view more than 31 days worth of data at one time."

Would it be possible to have at least 60 days? Anything longer would be helpful. Thanks!

Posted Fri Feb 14 2014 10:04a by justdona***

Another note, when I'm in the "Most active visitors" section, it will show me IP address with the number of visits past the 31 days, but when clicking directly, it will only show the maximum 31 days. How come the information is available in one section, but not in another?

Posted Fri Feb 14 2014 10:08a by justdona***

Hi, the reason for the 31 day limit when filtering visitors is for performance. Because the database has to actually go through the entire date range find all matching visitors, then extract info about them to generate the summary report and also show you the actual list of visitors.

We used to allow longer but it was too slow and in some cases could hang traffic processing while it was doing the filter.

Posted Mon Feb 17 2014 12:44p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

+1 for it being much longer than 30 days - it is something that is worth paying extra for.

Posted Fri Apr 10 2015 2:28a by narit***

Is it possible to show the reverse DNS lookup in the Spy report? I want to see the domain name of current visitors on the site.

Posted Tue Mar 15 2016 4:09p by mkrigsm***

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