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More than 7 years ago there was a statistics service in Russia ( they were bought out by a big company and it had changed a lot ) Mainly they provided a heat maps and ability to record everything that user did on site. But I didn't use a lot of user record playback, however there was one of the greatest features that I can't find anywhere else anymore. ====== My suggestion ====== === 1 Add the ability to see the user REAL engagement on each page by providing a timeline (for example as a progress bar), that is colored with different colors which will represent: 1. When user was moving his mouse/scroling/typing (green) 2. When his browser window was inactive (did something else in other tab of his browser) - gray 4. Opened any element of the page, Javascript and so on. For me this was a great tool to see how active each user and his session was. I think this would me a great premium feature! Scr of that feature (circled orange) === 2 Not so cool, but it helped a lot to find user that engaged with site a lot. User Activity I can't remember was exactly it showed, but main idea is that is measured the overall activity(engagement) of the user during his session. It was a sum of page viewed, time on page/ user action and other. Scr of that feature (circled blue)

Posted Tue Mar 15 2016 6:56am by krasnodarhotels

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