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search position in visitors log

Hi, in the Spy view I can see from which organic position the google-user came to my site. This Spy of course only shows the last few visitors.

Would be great if this can also be shown in visitor's logs such as "visitors who landed on page-XYZ". In that way I can better analyze the effort I put into getting high search rankings.


Posted Tue Dec 10 2013 12:10p by dekruy***

You can go to Content then click one of your page's URLs. It will show search keywords for that page and referring domains. You can dig deeper and see complete actions by each individual user after that if you wish.

Posted Tue Dec 10 2013 4:41p by ringo***

I know that is possible. But in the Spy I often see [#3] which tells me from which search rank in Google the visitor came, so in this example my page was ranked 3rd in this Google-query. In any other view this is left out.

Posted Wed Dec 11 2013 4:48a by dekruy***

You can see what the search term is ranked under "Searches". Unfortunately Clicky does not include this on the visitor profile for an all-in-one shot (IMO it would be overwhelming) but you can drill down to the visitor.

Posted Wed Dec 11 2013 6:19a by ringo***

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