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IPv6 support

I'm having more and more visitors with IPv6 that are not tracked with Clicky (I know this, because web form tracks IP when sending). It's time to reconsider plans for IPv6 support.

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 2:56am by Brut225

IPv6 Day! Please finally implement IPv6! 3.21% user use IPv6! And 7.69% in USA! You are just not tracking our visitors and we pay you money for tracking our visitors!

Posted Fri Jun 6 2014 1:13pm by Brut225


Posted Fri Apr 10 2015 2:25am by naritas


Posted Wed May 20 2015 7:30pm by gdemersenough

The problem is partly this: ~$ host -t aaaa has no AAAA record What protocol (ipv4/ipv6) the client access has no relation to if the client access your site with ipv4 or ipv6 You either have to have different subdomains for ipv4 and ipv6 (which you don't want), or serverside include a goal or tracking only for ipv6. How is left as an exercise for the reader ;-)

Posted Tue Sep 22 2015 12:54am by leifnel

+3 :-) ( also for the whitelabel shops, so should also get a AAAA record.

Posted Sat Oct 17 2015 7:52am by nididoBV

People on IPv6 can still connect to IPv4 sites. The only impact this should currently have is that maybe the geolocation stuff won't be as accurate since the traffic might be getting routed through a gateway. I would like to support IPv6 of course but it's way more complex that it appears on the surface.

Posted Thu Jan 28 2016 1pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

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