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Pie Graphs for QUick Overview

Sometimes I am looking at stats like screen resolution for example and I can't exactly quickly figure out what is happening at a glance. If there was a way to display upon click the information at hand as a pie graph so that I could see what is taking up most of the pie and by what percentages I could then make specific decisions. I hope others see this as useful as I do. Would love to see that feature implemented for Traffic Sources, Search Engines, Locale, Platforms and Screen Res... or if possible for anything that could be pie graphed. Thanks K

Posted Thu Oct 16 2014 10:33p by kristinepsy***

A pie graph would be worse than the provided percentages per metric. You either need to familiarize yourself better with the clicky system or familiarize yourself better with calculating percentages.

Posted Sun Oct 19 2014 6:31a by svtlightnin***

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