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Integrating GWT to give Keyword Search Results


I had an email from Statcounter (I used to use them but decided to have a paid account with Clicky) saying they have now integrated Google Webmaster Tools.

"We have integrated Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) keyword data into our reporting. This means that you, our members, can have efficient, streamlined access to all available keyword data."

It made me wonder if you are working on such a thing?

I don't really like GWT interface or GA but this sort of information is still useful to know.


Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 2:04a by BetterT***

Any improvement that could give better keyword insight regarding the many "secure searches" (not provided) would be appreciated.

It's pretty difficult to optimize your site for users when you don't know why they're visiting you.

Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 3:12a by danepor***

wow, this is interesting and worth integrating.

I also received [secure search] from bing/yahoo. Do they offer these kind of webmaster service to reveal the keyword too?

Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 3:26a by ryanfu***

Non-secured search terms are only available via Google Webmaster as well.

Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 10:36a by ringo***

I like what they (SC) did but we also have our own plans for dealing with so many secure searches. Maybe we'll do a combination of several things, including this.

Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 11:12a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hello Friendly Clicky Admin!

Well, good to hear! It's been a trying time this [secure search] nonsense, so anything that can be done to make the service you provide better, is going to be a winner.

When do you hope to roll out your plans?

Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 11:20a by BetterT***

That`s good idea. I hate to see 99.9% keywords [secure search] At the moment, I`m guessing keywords.

Posted Mon Dec 8 2014 7:35a by adami***

Hi, has this ever been implemented?

Posted Mon Jun 15 2015 7:34a by Prodoma***

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