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Catching keywords from adwords campaigns.

While I understand that I can use campaign wildcards to distinguish between specific campaigns in adwords, I am unclear how you can hardwire the keyword into getclicky if this is also sent via the destination url of the ad campaign.

IE what I want to see is adword keywords within the each campaign on the statistics.

If possible can you provide an example url.

thanks for any help.

Posted Fri Nov 9 2012 3:46pm by blobman

Use this as the Click Through URL

You can add further metrics by adding

Posted Sat Nov 10 2012 1:33am by servertastic

Ha ha in the face of GA!

Posted Sat Nov 10 2012 4:30am by blobman

Afterthought, so I still create a campaign or using it in the url autocreates it?

Posted Sat Nov 10 2012 4:33am by blobman


Posted Sat Nov 10 2012 1:21pm by servertastic

Yeah if you use UTM variables we'll parse them automatically. However we don't have a report that will show you "top searches for all your campaigns". To see top searches for a single campaign, filter visitors by that campaign.

Posted Sat Nov 10 2012 2:21pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Posted Sun Nov 11 2012 5:49pm by rmiller53

Digging around there is a field that can be written into adwords destination URLS dynamically that would save it being done manually{Keyword}&utm_campaign=CampaignNameutm_source=Adwords&utm_medium=PPC

Here are a list of other fields that can be used for dynamic url generation, admin can confirm what can be used or not.

{Keyword} = PPC Keyword that triggered this ad
{MatchType} = Keyword Match type
{Creative} = Ad ID
{Placement} = Placement name / URL
{IfSearch:Search} & {IfContent:Content} = If this is search traffic, then the value after IfSearch is written, and likewise for content (never both). You can substitute your own values after the colon.

Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 12:34am by blobman

Is it possible to capture keywords from sources that are not search engines?

It would be good if I can store the product names (as a search term) within a campaign.{Keyword}&utm_campaign=CampaignName&utm_source=Adwords&utm_medium=PPC

Are there other source and medium types I can use.

Ideally I will set the campaign name to the website, the utm source to Links, and the medium to PPC. And when I view the report I can see the KEYWORD as the product name (which I can create from the site DB).


Posted Wed Nov 14 2012 2:45am by blobman

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