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How to NOT track my own IP?

Hi there,

Whenever I visitor my own site, clicky track me. What should I do in order to not let clicky track my own login.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,

Posted Thu Jan 17 2013 2:13am by jeremiahsay

Sorry typo.. Whenever I visit my own site***

Posted Thu Jan 17 2013 2:15am by jeremiahsay

Just click the visitors (your) ip, and than 'tag', than 'Do not log visits from this IP / UID.'

Posted Thu Jan 17 2013 6:09am by Juncker

Hi, yeah great answer. Except, how can i remove them once I have tagged them, but neglected to click 'Do not log visits from this IP / UID.'?

I can not seem to be able to, once tagged, find that checkbox anymore

Any help?

Posted Tue Mar 14 2017 12:35am by mebowling

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