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Double Trouble

Ahh. So on my site,, I have over 18 channels, and thus I manage 18 Clicky ids!

Work's great!

I'm wondering if I can have multiple Clicky ads on a page.

How would I add a second tag to all my pages that's a new website id that would let me report on aggregate traffic stats in addition to the discrete channel stats with the other Clicky ID.

Does that make sense and if so, is that possible?



Posted Mon Jun 10 2013 6:27p by smashpi***

Yes you can have multiple tags on a site, plenty of people do this for aggregate stats like you are wanting to do. Keep in mind however it will effectively double the traffic that your account is logging so if it puts you over your limits, you may need an upgrade.

Also you'll need to enter in an asterisk, *, in your "mirrors" setting for the new site you register, to authorize traffic from any domain to be logged to that site ID.

Posted Tue Jun 11 2013 10:30a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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