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Option to ignore visits with header X-Purpose: preview

As explained in this article ( ), Safari's "Top Sites" feature tries to generate a live preview of a page (javascript and all) pretty frequently. Since it loads JavaScript, it will load Clicky's tracking and register as a visit, when it actually isn't. Safari sends the HTTP header "X-Purpose: preview" when it is updating the top sites preview. Can Clicky add an option to filter out these requests to avoid false visits in the statistics?

Posted Mon Jul 1 2013 9:43p by 420powe***

Actually, reading that article again it appears that header is only provided on the base page, not the JavaScript that is loaded, so there might be no way for Clicky to detect it. Since the article is a bit old I'll do some testing to see if this still applies.

Posted Mon Jul 1 2013 9:48p by 420powe***

Man, you got me all excited - finally, a way to filter out these page views! Because we have gotten plenty of requests for it.

Well, if you find anything, let me know. Silly they only do the header for base page, otherwise it would take me about 5 seconds to code in support for filtering these out!

Posted Wed Jul 3 2013 11:11a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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