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Summary for a Folder

Let's say you have a blog and you want to know how that blog is doing. Is it worth the time that you are putting into it?

That could be assessed if we could type /blog/ (the folder name) into the "filter results" box of the "Content>Pages" report or the "filter results" box of the "Content>Entrance" report.

The page that would be returned would have "THE BASICS" information that appears on my dashboard, but instead it would be a report for the "/blog/" folder.

Lots of people have their site divided into folders for /blog/ or /store/ or /forum/

This type of report would let us know if the work we are putting into those pages is paying off.

Hope you can do this!


Posted Wed Jul 24 2013 11:07a by rocktumb***

This would be very useful for my site as well because I have hits to many different blog posts.

Posted Fri Jul 26 2013 9:16p by carpetfibe***

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