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Stats not updating

Statistics are not updating...New visitors are not being logged.

Any advise?

Posted Mon Oct 20 2014 10:08a by neq***

btw this happened after i switched to https

Posted Mon Oct 20 2014 10:25a by neq***

Same here. My stats are also not updating after switching to https.

Posted Mon Oct 20 2014 5:31p by virendracha***

Do you have a paid account? Tracking HTTPS sites requires a paid account.

Posted Mon Oct 20 2014 9:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Damn...Guess i will be going back to Google Analytics.

Posted Tue Oct 21 2014 12:41a by neq***

I paid to have my stats on my three web sites this morning, and nothing has appeared, please give reason

Posted Tue Oct 21 2014 12:31p by ragus***

@ragusin I looked up your account and there is no payment history, you are on the free plan still.

Posted Tue Oct 21 2014 12:44p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

my clicky analytics stopped updating suddenly yesterday, is something down

Posted Sun Nov 6 2016 12:52a by saul4***

My stats were updating till early afternoon and then they froze no updates after that. I have a wordpress site. I am on the free plan and never had a problem for the past 8 months. What Happened

Posted Sun Nov 6 2016 12:57a by saul4***

I have set up Cliky on wordpress website I have paid premium, and dont work at all.....

Posted Sun Nov 13 2016 11:04a by chemist***

Please, I have paid premium Cliky 08.11.2016, and had set up cliky on my wordpress website, . but today it is still not working. Please, coud you assist?

Posted Sun Nov 13 2016 11:08a by chemist***

So to confirm, HTTP5 sites can only be tracked with a premium account? Are wix sites considered HTTP5?

Posted Thu Dec 8 2016 11:46a by ksingh***

Paid account for HTTPS only? SO, I can EITHER test Clicky before purchase, OR have a web site that follows best practice, but not both? That's unfortunate, because I am not going to start paying for something till I verify it, and I am not going to cripple my site just to test. Given that HTTPS is becoming a standard, not a special case, I really think Clicky should consider allowing HTTPS in the free version. At least for a few weeks to a month so proper evaluation can be done.

Posted Tue Jan 10 2017 5:02a by PragmaticPr***

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