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db1 slowness :(

If your site is on db1 (basically all site IDs below 17000), I'm sure you have noticed it getting laggier and laggier recently. Believe me, I know all about it - our own stats for are on this server and it drives me insane that it can't keep up with real time.

But I am the bearer of good news! First of all, we have recently ordered a bunch of new servers with insanely faster hard drives (the new 300GB 10K RPM VelociRaptors from Western Digital with server backplane support). We will be moving db1 onto one of these just as soon as we can (probably next week), which should make a huge difference. After this change, I don't expect it to lag more than any of our other servers, which is basically no lag at all.

If you just can't wait until then (I barely can myself), then there is something you can do right now: delete your site and re-register it, which will automatically put it on the newest server we have installed. You will lose all of the history for any site you re-register, but it's a matter of what's more important to you.

I am able to transfer all of the data in "the basics" though (visitors, actions, time, bounce rate), if you request it. In the future I plan to write a script that will allow a full transfer of all data but in the meantime it's not possible. So if you decide to do this, and want your visitor/action/time/bounce tallies transferred over to the new site ID/database, send me an email with the old site ID and the new site ID and I will take care of it. It might take me a day or 2 though, depending on how many people go this route.

Posted Mon Jan 26 2009 9:06a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

This move is currently taking place, starting about 8PM USA PST Saturday evening. It's expected to take about 2 hours to complete. Will update when it's done.

Posted Sat Jan 31 2009 8:24p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

All done. catching back up with real time now.

Posted Sat Jan 31 2009 10:15p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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