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Can anyone enlighten me on the significance of ?ckattempt=1 (and occasionally =2) which is suddenly appearing after the URL of my individual files for all of the page visits reported as Direct? I don't remember ever seeing this before and suddenly they are all like this.

Posted Sat Aug 8 2015 8:56a by joelkeh***

I am now into the second day of this lunacy, and the great majority of visits are being list as Direct, even though Searches always greatly outnumber Direct visits.

Posted Sun Aug 9 2015 5:39a by joelkeh***

yeah I am also seeing this and I have no idea whats its purpose. Kindly tell me what it is.

Posted Mon Aug 10 2015 3:42a by shahsa***

Do any of you use ByetHost? The HTML shown in the first post here is exactly what I saw on your sites.

Posted Mon Aug 10 2015 9:38p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

shahsaad, I wrote to Byethost support, pointing out what was happening. The reply I just got was, "This is a newly introduced bot detection feature on free hosting to prevent unwanted bots. This only appears upon first visit to the page. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do for you." My return post was, Unless you mean the first visit by each individual visitor, this is not accurate. For example /upper_respiratory_infection.htm?ckattempt=1 has been registered 37 times by my web analytics between Aug 8 and Aug 11. It is creating havoc with my web analytics since I am now collecting two sets of data for each page (one with and one without CKattempt=1, and a few even carrying the add-on CKattempt=2), am no longer registering visits from Links, and almost all of my visits are listed as Direct, meaning that I don't even know who the referrer is. This is horrible! I have seen the "Checking your browser" message flash on my own screen. What are visitors going to think when they see that?" They have just replied, "As explained already, this is a new anti-bot measure which is mandatory on free service. This can not be removed unfortunately." Nice.

Posted Tue Aug 11 2015 7:39a by joelkeh***

Time for a new web host!

Posted Tue Aug 11 2015 5:02p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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