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Tagging Question with AdWords and other Ad Platforms

Hi all,
I have a few general questions but let's start with AdWords.

In AdWords you have the option to "Automatically tag your ad destination URLs".

So for example, on an AdWords keywords you can specify a "final URL" (used to be called Destination URL) which will be the landing page you use when someone clicks on your ad served via that keyword.

My question is usually we just put in for the Final URL, then Google AdWords will automatically tag it with all UTM parameters, encode it in the ad and then passes that data to Google Analytics.

Does that apply to Clicky as well? Meaning can I just let Google Adwords auto tag it and Clicky can capture all tagged UTM parameters automatically?

Or Do we have to MANUALLY tag every single keyword level Final URL with URL Builder in order for Clicky to capture those data?

I would think we do not have to manually tag it because it would be a pain to do so with large PPC campaigns not to mention there's also Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Gemini now for search which all should have auto tagging.

Please advise, thank you!


Posted Tue Sep 22 2015 9:16a by joybi***

You can 100% append the utm parameter to any URL you want without first specifying it in Clicky - if that is your question. You can test it just by entering in and seeing if it tracks. I can't tell you if adwords follows all the formats, but it should.

Posted Tue Sep 22 2015 12:22p by resta***

Hi Restado,
Thanks for your reply, I understand that you can append the UTM parameters to the AdWords Final URL. But if we don't specify the UTM parameter in AdWords Final URL, Adwords would auto tag it. My question is, will clicky capture those data via AdWords' auto tag?

Posted Wed Sep 23 2015 1:50p by joybi***

It should

Posted Thu Sep 24 2015 10:50a by resta***

Just to confirm, so if I only specify my Final URL in Adwords as

AdWords will auto tag it and when an ad is clicked and the page is loaded, the URL that will show on the page will be

so Clicky will be able to capture all the UTM parameters even though it doesn't show up on the final landing page?

Posted Thu Sep 24 2015 1:43p by joybi***

I also have the same question on this. I have auto-tagging turned on in adwords but am not seeing any campaign information in clicky.

Posted Fri Nov 11 2016 9:09a by currentdyna***

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