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Uptime monitor not accurate

I notice the uptime monitor regularly reports downtime when my site is working. I use several uptime monitoring services and clicky is the only one that has issues. All clicky designated uptime IP’s are in the whitelist on the server.

Anyone else have issues?

Posted Sat Nov 21 2015 3:56pm by tokentools

all the time

Posted Sat Nov 21 2015 9:06pm by redgsr

I've seen this multiple times. However, recently it's been happening much more often. As in it's complaining 2-3 times a day instead of per month.

Posted Sun Nov 22 2015 1:56pm by dennislin

I understand uptime is monitored by Monitage. Is there anyway to debug this recent spike?

Posted Sun Nov 22 2015 2:24pm by dennislin

same problem here

Posted Thu Nov 26 2015 2:55am by jacktiger

same here

Posted Thu Nov 26 2015 12pm by ufonts

Yes, more down than up and the server has an uptime of 100% according to other services that use several ping sources.
Have now disabled this one - too many email ;)

Posted Thu Nov 17 2016 5:02am by sfq

Anyone facing this issue lately? I've been notified of downtimes when my sites are up and running.

Posted Sat Nov 19 2016 3:03am by futuretro

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