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I installed the tracking code on my website. But when I visit my page (several sites), it says that I only visited one site for 10 sec and that the visitor is from USA, but I'm from Switzerland. Before I created a new website, clicky worked perfect on my old one, but now I'm not able to install it correctly Can you help me?

Posted Sat Feb 6 2016 6:22am by dabisch

Same problem here, it's not tracking my visitors correctly. I recently put out an ad for 1,000 clicks and it says that all 1,000 visitors just visited the homepage and did nothing. However, this ad always performed well before so there's no way it's true.

Posted Sat Feb 6 2016 8:44am by loganwallaceinternational

Hi Dabisch, I'm new to clicky web analytics but I've been using other analytic services and I'm beginning to notice that some services only collect data from websites that trigger JavaScript. Clicky web analytics provides two tracking codes, one that is for JavaScript and one that isn't. The location reading is quite peculiar though, Perhaps the tracking code is something to look into? I just figured I would try to help you out since you posted this four days ago and no-one has replied.... I apologize for their delay

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 8:29am by cadillac2curry

Hi Cocokey Marketing, When you say the ad always performed well before, were you reading the ad performance from Clicky analytics? I ask because I'm new to Clicky analytics and surprisingly still remember the terms and conditions haha anyway, supposedly Clicky states that we aren't allowed to use their tracking services for third party usage such as widgets, ads, etc. Just figured I'd try to help out since you posted this four days ago and haven't heard anything from their tech crew.

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 8:39am by cadillac2curry


I tried to track my website which is in virtual environment and if I copy the tracking code it does not show any tracking data.Can you please help me out on this.

Posted Sun Jul 31 2016 10:42pm by kartish

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