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Large traffic drops

I track 8 sites via clicky, 2 were affected by the ongoing db issues and I currently have no data. However, I've noticed that the other sites are reporting huge drops in traffic today... anywhere between 25% and 40%. When I check this against my other analytics programme the traffic is consistent and is not showing these losses. Any thoughts?

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 1:42p by scothot***

I have exactly a 25% traffic drop as well. My traffic is always (except today) very, very consistent.

I haven't checked any other analytics programs, because I never do, but either:

* There's something wrong with Clicky

* Or a scarier alternative is Google just did a massive re-balancing of the force.

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2p by MagicM***

I logged into Google Analytics for the first time in years, and my traffic for today is fine there.

Also my traffic for Clicky in the last hour or so seems fine, so the problem seems to be clearing up. I'd like my traffic for earlier today to show up at some point though.

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2:14p by MagicM***

I also saw heavy traffic drops most of my sites, about 30%.

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2:15p by reezo***

@MagicMan: you're right, traffic stabilized to its old levels 2 hours ago.

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2:16p by reezo***

Traffic for the majority of the day is down significantly for me as well across all sites (various clicky databases & a variety of servers/traffic sources). Do not think it was "Google re-balancing of the force".

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2:31p by mjp01***

Very bad timing to have this alongside the db46/49/52 thing... it was kind of related but only indirectly. The issue had to do with a 100% full disk that resulted from a killed cron job that was causing spikes at a very annoying time, which resulted in a bad cache related to tracking data that affected looks like maybe half of our database servers.

I wasn't aware of the issue when I went to bed but I only slept 4 hours since i had to get back up and deal with the fun of 46/49/52, and I was made aware of it pretty quickly after getting up, at which point I looked into it, found the issue, and fixed it. Sorry guys, rough week...

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2:53p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Will the missing data be updated or has it been lost too?

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 2:59p by scothot***

Is your ongoing issue at Clicky resolved yet? My site still displays zero data. how much longer before I can see traffic to my site? Pls advise.

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 7:40p by tri1p***

Thanks, hope ya get some more sleep tonight!

Posted Wed Feb 10 2016 7:50p by antec***

Hey admin! Will the lost data from yesterday be able to be restored?

Posted Thu Feb 11 2016 9:33a by scothot***

Yes, it's processing now.

Posted Thu Feb 11 2016 9:40a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

That's lovely! Thanks for all your hard work and sleepless nights over the last few days - I can only imagine what a nightmare it's been!

Posted Thu Feb 11 2016 9:44a by scothot***

Is today 100% current or is the processing all sequential?

Posted Thu Feb 11 2016 11:57a by solracp***

It's sequential... db46 is still about 10 hours behind real time but will be caught up within about an hour I estimate.

db49/52 were all caught up as of last evening.

Posted Thu Feb 11 2016 12:34p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks -- and for all the hard work, especially during the unforeseen. :)

Posted Thu Feb 11 2016 1:31p by solracp***

I'm still missing data from the 10th of Feb across all my sites, this was not related to the db46/49/52 issue but the full disk issue. You said above that the data would be restored, do you know when this will happen?

Posted Fri Feb 12 2016 3:48a by scothot***

scothotels, sorry, that data isn't recoverable. It affected about half our database servers for 6-8 hours.

Posted Fri Feb 12 2016 3:08p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Don't know if I'm writing this in the correct place, but I'm experiencing some troubles with Clicky.

On May 1st, the "April 2016" and "The last 28 days" sections showed completely different things, in the sense that "the last 28 days" showed 4k more visitors than the "April 2016" section. I just assumed it was a bug and let it go. Unfortunately, after almost two weeks, it hasn't changed. I've check GA, whish usually showed me less visitors than Clicky, but even that showed a 2.5K difference in April.

Can you help me out?

Posted Thu May 12 2016 7:09a by Kokonuc***

My website is with Recently changes were made which includes a stat counter, this counter seems accurate and clicky has decreased in the amount of visitors. I like Clicky better though. Is there any way that Clicky can be the dominate counter?

Posted Sat Dec 24 2016 9:50a by PoodleLad***

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