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SE Spiders

I have been getting various hits from these ip's:

ans a few more like it, it looks like its a drake holdings spider maybe:

Do I just discount these on clicky or do you update your DB to now show these hits?


Posted Mon Feb 15 2016 7:06a by stevehu***

Posted Thu Feb 18 2016 5:54p by AMANEB***

I'm getting these same hits as well. ~ 300 today so far. This is really messing up all of my numbers so I can't trust any percent changes in Clicky until these are excluded.

Posted Sun Feb 21 2016 4:06a by brainya***

I just added a Visitor IP exclusion for 204.79.180.*

Posted Sun Feb 21 2016 4:10a by brainya***

Thx for the 6 day response to my original post, I know how to exclude an IP range, I just thought Clicky would have a pool of Spiders and what happens if this IP is re-allocated when they stop using it ?

Posted Thu Feb 25 2016 9:28a by stevehu***

Dear Clicky...

It's been a year. (And I am not the original requester for this).

Can you please block Drake Holdings LLC?

I mean there's no reason to think there are humans behind it, is there?


Posted Mon Feb 27 2017 2:45a by MagicM***

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