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Problem with multiple site mirrors/alias

(sorry for the duplicate post, i forgot to add a title to my first post)


I have been using a mirror/alias on my site for sometime now to track visitors across our externally hosted checkout process ( without any problems.

I have recently added a second mirror/alias for our demo server (, to track visitors across our product demos within the same account (as it is part of the same visitor journey/session for our purposes).

When I added the second mirror/alias (, visits on the first mirror/alias ( no longer show up in reports - they are still tracked as when I remove the second mirror/alias ( they show up again.

I have tried entering the mirrors/alias in various formats including:,,,,

No matter how I enter them, the outcome is always the same. Visits to show up in the reports, but not It is essential to track visitors across for conversion/goal tracking purposes.

Please can you advise on this.

I am currently on the premium trial, but am keen to continue with the paid plan after the trial expires if this can be resolved, as I have been very happy with the service so far.

Kind regards,

Posted Tue Jul 26 2016 3:38am by morleydigital

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