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Weird search keyword

For some time now, clicky reports that my top search string / keyword is “ikmani”. This comes up ahead of [secure search] and way way ahead of any real search keyword.

I don’t see how that word would relate to my web site ( )
Google Analytics does not report that keyword at all.

Is this a bug?
Or a spammer?


Posted Thu Sep 8 2016 2:07a by houda***

Hmmm... not seeing this on any of my properties.

Posted Thu Sep 8 2016 3:55a by ringo***

Your web logs may tell you something. Usually they are in /var/log/apache2.

Posted Thu Sep 8 2016 7:44a by gladiu***

Indeed the logs also show the referrer as
Weird. But not a clicky problem.

Posted Thu Sep 8 2016 8:07a by houda***

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