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Dear all,

I run Google Adwords advertising but I got many invalid click, any one of you use clicky to prevent invalid click in Google Adwords?
Please share your own experience to the Community.

Thank you for your kindness

Posted Thu Sep 8 2016 8:18pm by chungcuanbinh


"Invalid Clicks" is really just a feature Google has to keep you from accidentally clicking on your own advertisements and stuff.

Posted Sun Sep 11 2016 11:07am by gladius9

Hey Tony,
I would gently suggest you take some free courses in AdWords before launching any further. It's complicated and can do a lot with some tweaking, but it's not intuitive.

Posted Mon Sep 12 2016 2:01pm by deliajones

Many many Thanks to Clicky I am getting 100% Results and ip addressses of Invalid Clicks Kindly let me if i can take a paid version it will be great Thx

Posted Sun Sep 25 2016 7:14am by mehakoberoi

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