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Google AMP?

Is Clicky Google AMP compatible now?

I saw a thread about it from June, is it now working?

Posted Fri Oct 7 2016 11:59a by llca***

The AMP GitHub page suggests it does (Clicky-related changes are committed & merged to the master branch):

Posted Fri Oct 7 2016 4:12p by drkskwl***

After turning-on AMP plugin, traffic in Clicky is down 35%, but other trackers don't show this.

Posted Tue Oct 11 2016 3:12p by SpiceAddictionS***

Correction: there's a 50% difference between Google WMT and Clicky's numbers, now:

For October 11, 2016:
- Google WMT says we received 2,349 clicks from Google Search to our website
- Clicky says we received 1,236 visitors from all Search Engines and only 1,706 visitors in total
- outbound traffic from our website out to tracked properties is the same as weeks and months ago, and about same as last year.

Something seems to have broken w/ Clicky tracking, ever since we turned on AMP.

We turned /AMP/ on for 2 other sites, too. But Google hasn't sucked them into AMP results at enough volume yet to notice.

Posted Thu Oct 13 2016 10:11a by SpiceAddictionS***

We've added instructions here:

Posted Thu Oct 13 2016 8:09p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I added both code snippets and the AMP validator says my code is okay :)
Next I checked it by myself (using my mobile) and found myself inside the Clicky stats.
Clicky doesn't have reported that I'm visiting a AMP page but reports the regular URL.
That's good to have all visitors now, but I would like to check how many people visiting my site using the AMP version.
Is there a way to do that?

Posted Fri Dec 23 2016 6:01a by Leder***

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