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Disabled website not reactivated

I had been tracking two websites with the premium trial, so the tracking for the second website (which is the one I am actually interested in) got disabled. Now I deleted the first website, but the remaining website still shows the following message:
Tracking for this site was automatically disabled because your premium subscription or trial expired and you are now on the free plan, which is limited to tracking one web site with a maximum of 3,000 daily page views.
How can I get this reactivated?
Thanks in advance,

Posted Mon Oct 10 2016 10:08a by robertoGr***

You will need to contact Clicky directly at their email. If you're over the 3k limit then it will disable at such.

Posted Tue Oct 11 2016 4:59a by ringo***

I will do this, thank you very much!

Posted Tue Oct 11 2016 9:12a by robertoGr***

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