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clicky on my localhost

Hello ,we re not sharing our site yet, just i put the plugin of yors in my wordpress site , and i added the credentials keys , and no statistics shows in my espace of clicky , is that because we're not sharing our site in our domain and how can work it in localhost thank you so much

Posted Mon Oct 17 2016 4:56am by userAladin

If you or the individuals that have logged into Clicky are the only ones that are viewing it then no, you will not see them. Clicky auto-blocks anyone who logs into it. If you are forcing hostname too in your Preferences then you will not see it as 'localhost' does not belong to your domain.

Posted Mon Oct 17 2016 3:38pm by ringo64

so any solution just i need to test it in my localhost , i used your plugin for wordpress

Posted Mon Oct 17 2016 3:41pm by userAladin

Agreed there's no way. Since you can't add 'localhost' as a domain.

Posted Sat Oct 22 2016 3:50pm by gladius9

Correction.. it did work once I removed my IP address from the blocked visitors. It showed up as "localhost:8888" which is the port I'm using.

Posted Sun Oct 23 2016 8:01am by gladius9

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