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I have redirects from html file to a pdf as a meta tag and refresh. How do I get clicky to track those pdf files and log visits and how long they stayed at that pdf?? They also don't show as download files, maybe because there is no link that people actually clicked since it was sent to the pdf automatically by the refresh meta tag.
Not sure... any suggestions much appreciated.

Posted Mon Oct 17 2016 11:10a by santa***

You will not be able to track how long they are viewing the PDF or any details about this as a PDF is not an executable HTML page that can run Javascript. If you would like to track how long your users read your PDF like you would an HTML page, you would need to embed the PDF via an iFrame. I've had to do this for many of my clients that want to see these stats.

Posted Mon Oct 17 2016 3:41p by ringo***

thank you, will try that.. appreciate the advice

Posted Tue Oct 18 2016 3:23a by santa***

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