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Multiple Manual Goals and Establishing Conversion Rate


Before I redesigned my site I had one manual goal that I used for my external affiliate links. I could set this to register only once and know what percentage of visitors clicked the link (a visitor conversion rate).

Having redesigned the site to now have several different types of CTAs, and I wanted to see how each of them perform, so I setup each one with a specific manual goal.

However what I didn't foresee was that this skewed the "visitor conversion rate" metric, i.e. what percentage of visitors click on any CTA, because each one could be fired off by a single visitor.

Not only that, but the "Goals" view from the dashboard now takes the average rate from each CTA, if one performs at 2% of whatever, it pulls the overall percentage down.

So my question is this: Is there a better way to track how each one of my CTA's performs besides manual goals?

And also, is there a way to figure out visitor conversion rate (i.e. without multiple goals from one visitor skewing the numbers).


Posted Fri Nov 25 2016 7:36p by murphyst***

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