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clicky Stop workng on my WP sites

clicky Stop workng on my WP sites
any refreshing don t work
on my both sites

so it could be a way to find out whats the problem ?

Posted Wed Nov 30 2016 9:51a by ssimt***

Clicky could have stopped working if you've added the tracking code by hand to your theme source and that change has been overwritten during a subsequent update.

Check the source code of your website if the Clicky script is still included. If yes, go to your Clicky dashboard and from there go to Preferences -> Tracking Code -> Verify tracking code. If the source code in the website is there but verification fails, send an email to and explain your problem (this is a community forum only, not official support forum).


Posted Wed Nov 30 2016 2:07p by drkskwl***

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