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How to track outbound links

I want to be able to track clicks on outbound links on my site for each page. I can currently see this from the main dashboard (expanding Visitors and clicking Outbound Links) but not sure how I parse the data by page.

Thank you!

Posted Thu Dec 8 2016 2:40p by mattseo

Links -> Outbound report.

Posted Fri Dec 9 2016 5:07a by gladius9

Thanks but that doesn't allow you to see which page the outbound links originated from. I want to know for each page which outbound links my visitors are clicking on.

Posted Fri Dec 9 2016 8:55a by mattseo

try Hubspot Marketing Free plugin

Posted Sat Dec 10 2016 3:32a by karenratte

Hmm okay but I assumed Clicky was pretty powerful and this seems like an easy enough task.

Posted Sat Dec 10 2016 7:34a by mattseo

One way is to format your own report using the 'links-outbound' API call on this page:

Posted Sun Dec 11 2016 1:07a by gladius9

Thank you sir. I think I'm onto something with the API.

If anyone else is struggling with this, here's what I did:[pageurl]&segments=links-outbound&output=xml

Posted Sun Dec 11 2016 9:50p by mattseo

Turns out I'm getting some strange results using the above. It includes links that are not even on the page specified. Anyone know why?

Posted Thu Dec 15 2016 7:06p by mattseo

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