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Facing Diffiiculty to run my Campaign

I am New to Clicky and i am facing difficulty to run my campaign .
I don't understand how this system work and how can i run my campaign if i have limited Budget . Can any one give me some tips .

Posted Sun Dec 18 2016 9:24p by babula1***

Welcome to the internet! I advise you if you have a limited budget especially for marketing, their is little scope for success on the internet. You need search engine optimiseation, help from big advertisers, You will recieve lots of hostile response too while you are trying to market, luxembourg wher eI live is so expensive to market, so unless you prepared for the long haul and man many hours I would forget it.

Posted Mon Dec 19 2016 4:48a by gjwhead***

Posted Thu Dec 22 2016 5:52a by fastpro***

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