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Possible way to track users running ad blockers?

What do you guys think of the approach suggested at the bottom of this article as a method for running analytics code from our local domain so it's less likely to be blocked by ad blockers?

It's under the "How To Get Your Analytics Data Back" section

I was thinking about testing this with Clicky, but didn't know what the implications might be.

Posted Fri Dec 23 2016 1:58p by theaweso***

I've been doing this for a while with GA and Clicky. Not for this direct purpose but it runs fine.

Posted Tue Dec 27 2016 7:41a by ringo***

Oh, good to know, Ringo64. I figure I'm gonna get a baseline with Clicky (which I only recently implemented) and then will switch to this approach.

Posted Tue Dec 27 2016 8:11a by theaweso***

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