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Manually install Code on each page

Do I need to put clicky code on every page of my web site or is there some automatic way to do it.

Posted Tue Jan 3 2017 6:48p by relentlessknives

Do you have a header or footer file that is rendered on every page? If so, you can put it there.

Posted Wed Jan 4 2017 1:24a by ericdykstra

Thanks for the help. I'm in the process of rebuilding, so I can do that. To clarify. I just copy the clicky code from clicky,
and put it in the header or footer. Nothing else is required?

Posted Wed Jan 4 2017 3:42a by relentlessknives

Correct. You can remove the first line (the image) if you want:

Posted Wed Jan 4 2017 8:52p by gladius9

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