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How to track multiple pages as 1 goal?

Im attempting to tracking multiple pages under a single goal. In Google Analytics I can utilize RegEx to accomplish this but it does not seem RegEx is supported here.

Eg. I want to track /thank-you and /form-complete pages as a single goal of "Submission"

Please let me know if there are any solutions for this issue, thanks!

Posted Fri Jan 13 2017 2:51p by Poten***

I don't know

Posted Fri Jan 13 2017 11:41p by dany5***

LOL on last post.

This might be worth a try:

Follow instructions under "clicky_custom.href" title.

Posted Sun Jan 15 2017 10:04a by gladiu***

Hm... it says "Note that this only applies for page view action types."

Posted Sun Jan 15 2017 10:05a by gladiu***

Thanks @gladius9 for that reference.

I used that example and came up with this script:

[deleted because apparently we cannot use code in comments]

Im setting this up in GTM so I've set the triggers to those specific pages just as a reassurance that they don't fire anywhere else. I tried to create an array of paths then used || as an "or" statement basically stating "this page or this page". Wish there was a bit better documentation put in layman's terms so those of us not well versed in coding can get stuff like this up and running.

Honorable mentions goes to @dany5k and his well thought out response.

Posted Mon Jan 16 2017 12:32p by Poten***

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